Celebs Who Are Pregs: All I Wanna Do Is Bang Ba—AGGGH SOMEONE GET HER A CHAIR!

Periodically, we’ll consider the looks trotted out by that most entertaining of groups: the women who populate the intersection where circles labeled “Celebrity” and “Preggers” collide. First up is M.I.A., who performed at the Grammys Sunday, which also happened to be her due date.


M.I.A., may I call you M.? Good. M., I know you’re something of a quirky gal, on account of all the train riding and fake identification production and such and such. But this look’s not working for me, regardless. It’s as if you borrowed a top from Donna Martin’s closet c. 1990, then let us see what it would have looked like if Donna’s questionable graduation status was the least of her problems after that drunken prom night. However I would like to thank you for being so demure as to modify the dress with the addition of the black miniskirt. When Henry Holland of House of Holland designed this number as a dress for his Spring 2009 collection he likely didn’t take the 12-inch protuberance on your belly into account.


Verdict: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, famous wacky pregnant lady.


2 Responses to “Celebs Who Are Pregs: All I Wanna Do Is Bang Ba—AGGGH SOMEONE GET HER A CHAIR!”

  1. superdena Says:

    Does this mean we won’t be seeing in a similar outfit?

  2. Bridal Bird Says:

    Fingers crossed that it, like most other fashion, will trickle down from the runway to A Pea in the Pod. 😉

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