I Snoogle, Therefore I Am

What elevates a wangdoodle product above “Why the Baby Industry Hates Us Fridays” scorn? If I buy it, that’s what. Meet the Snoogle.


Yep, as of 8 p.m. last night, I own that. (The pillow, not the lady. She was extra and I’m on a strict budget.) The Snoogle is not just any pillow. There’s a practical need for this thing, I swear.

Around the 16-week mark in a pregnancy, women aren’t supposed to sleep on their backs  because it loads the baby’s weight onto the spine, back muscles, and some important vein with a Latin name that helps blood circulate to the baby. So every hour or so I’m sputtering awake thinking, “Crap, I’m sleeping on my back and probably damaging my kid. It’s going to end up at a state school ruled by the drunken jockocracy. Backwards baseball caps everywhere…” Doesn’t exactly make for a restful night of sleep.

When alert Baby Bird tipster Mike called the Snoogle to my attention yesterday and said his wife swore by it during her two pregnancies I was intrigued but reluctant to part with the 50 clams for it. However, my husband talked me into it. Already a fan of multi-pillow sleeping, he apparently has post-natal designs on it cradling his delicate mancurves for the long haul. Indeed, the Snoogle seems to have a long shelf life, according to the images on this chart that comes with it:


Feel free to share your own post-baby Snoogle use ideas in the comments.


5 Responses to “I Snoogle, Therefore I Am”

  1. I-66 Says:

    I’m up for wrapping the baby in the Snoogle’s coil and rolling it around. It’s insulating, and entertaining!

    My question: When laying on your side, what do you do with your other arm? The lady in the powder blue appears to be missing hers.

  2. Johanna Says:

    I want to go to there. *While* covered head-to-toe in a Snuggie, of course.

  3. Phil Says:

    Look at grandma rockin’ the Snoogle!

    I’ll bet she and Grandpa have found out a way to get their freak on with the aid of the Snoogle…

  4. E Says:

    I’m pretty sure if John was to find out about this product he buy it for me as a Christmas present so I’d stop rolling into him at night! Seems snuggly and comfy, and think of all the tv you’ll watch with it while resting with your quiet, peaceful newborn – ha!

  5. Why the Baby Industry Understands Me Like Nobody Else « Baby Bird Says:

    […] minutes earlier than usual because I was that well-rested, thanks to the inaugural night with the Snoogle. Clearly realizing how important the shipment was, Amazon got it to me in 48 hours even though […]

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