Why the Baby Industry Understands Me Like Few Others Friday

sleepingbeautyOhhh, I see three special ladies who need Snoogles, pronto!

You may have noticed from the title that I’m feeling somewhat generous this week. Today I am downright chipper, owing to the fact that I woke 45 minutes earlier than usual because I was that well-rested, thanks to the inaugural night with the Snoogle. Clearly realizing how important the shipment was, Amazon got it to me in 48 hours even though I’d cheaped out and used free Super Saver shipping which typically means it will be sent on a camel caravan via the Alps.

What can I say about the Snoogle? Everything it promises it delivers. It perfectly supported my delicate preggers ladyparts, giving me a full night’s sleep in which I did not wake multiple times fearing that I was damaging my offspring with selfish, inferior vena cava-smushing back-sleeping. The good people at Leachco (oh, that name! finally a little irony in the baby industry!) deserve a Nobel Peace Prize, a Congressional Medal of Honor, a Pulitzer, and an ESPY, as does Mike the tipster who alerted me to the thing in the first place. I will honor Leachco the best way I know how: I will not mock them on this, the day I set aside for mocking.

5 Responses to “Why the Baby Industry Understands Me Like Few Others Friday”

  1. I-66 Says:

    But what did you do with your other arm?!

  2. Bridal Bird Says:

    Ooh, yeah, I meant to say: when you sleep with your back against the C, as opposed to facing it, the arm isn’t an issue. You just put it next to you like you normally would. And even when you sleep into the C the thing is so light and fluffy that you can put it right underneath with no trouble. Ahhh…

  3. Daddy O Says:

    You need to send this to Leachco. They can use you in their ad during next year’s Super Bowl! I can just hear the buzz now on the next next day. “Never mind the Budweiser ad the best one was the Snoogle ad”!

  4. I-66 Says:

    Okay, I’m here… but the tattoo I have is not on my chest.

  5. Piliuli Says:

    Snoogles rock!

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