BumpWatch! The Eve of Week 23

It’s been a busy few weeks since our last BumpWatch, what with all the gender identifying and moving around for the first time and eating meat after 14 years and such and such. And yes, of course my persnickity design instinct is rankled that the right drapery panel isn’t puddling just so to the floor in this snapshot. We’ll all try to do better for the next BumpWatch.



10 Responses to “BumpWatch! The Eve of Week 23”

  1. I-66 Says:

    Drapery what now?

  2. Arjewtino Says:

    That curtain is a baby magnet.

  3. Baker Says:

    Lookin’ good, Mama Bird & Baby Bird.

  4. sheateheate Says:

    Woo woooooooooooooooo!

  5. Lemmonex Says:

    You look great and hooray for awesome maternity wear. I look back at some of the stuff my mom wore and feel so lucky that us women have better choices. You look wonderful, sincerely happy.

  6. Hammer Says:

    Most execellent, but on the behalf of all us guys who are rocking the solo bachelor pad, I need to ask the following question:

    What is this “drapery” you speak of?

  7. Phil Says:

    I know…and when the weather warms up, just cut out the center portion of the dress and let the baby get some sun.

  8. Hammer Says:

    Per Phil’s comment, let me just say this:

    “Start the reactor. Free Mars.”

  9. babybird Says:

    Male readers, a “drapery panel” is another name for curtain. And in some homes (namely, ones with women or gay men in them) a curtain is not merely a faded, circa-1977 Star Wars bed sheet stapled over the window.

    Thanks all! I couldn’t be prouder of that belly unless it was solely attributable to beer.

    Arjewtino, that baby is also an adorable baby clothes magnet. My wallet screams for a rest.

    Phil and Hammer, oooh just wait until tomorrow’s post…

  10. Daddy O Says:

    My baby’s baby is getting bigger, and I am loving it!

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