Navel Gazing


My bellybutton is starting to do something odd. Previously a round cherubic choirgirl’s “oh” it is now flattening to a disaffected teenage girl’s “meh.” If my bellybutton were a movie character it would be Juno. This better be temporary.

That is all.



4 Responses to “Navel Gazing”

  1. K Says:

    I think next step is you get an outie, no?

  2. Luna Says:

    Hi Bird- I was so happy to stumble across one of your comments on another blog, and to learn you were expecting! I don’t know you, of course, but we got engaged within a month or two of each other, and we both got married last year (me in May). And now look at us, both knocked up (my baby boy is due at the end of June)! I’m looking forward to following your pregnancy and wish you the best!

  3. Curious Says:

    Just so long as it doesn’t start looking like this, then you should be OK.

  4. babybird Says:

    K, That’s what I’m hearing. So goofy.

    Luna, thanks! And congrats to you, too. Babies right away is the new black. 😉

    Curious, ick. That is not a Bird-approved comment. Please see I-66 for a copy of the “So You’ve Decided to Comment on the Bird’s Blog” brochure which lists my rules of propriety. 😉

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