BumpWatch! Week 25


Here’s what I’m noticing as we continue our march toward parenthood:

* In an odd confluence of events, Obama’s 100th day in office Wednesday will coincide with the 100th day until my due date. Swear I didn’t plan it that way. But I will be staging a prime-time press conference that evening to answer questions from the media regarding the impending belly bailout.

* I buckle up automatically in cabs now, no matter how long or short the trip. This does however involve some quick cost-benefit analysis as I consider how many germs I’m roping across my torso in relation to the lives and limbs saved if we crash.

* Turning pages of storybooks I haven’t touched in 25 years to do bedtime reading completely blows my noodle. Seeing the illustrations you loved as a kid all over again is like smelling something you haven’t whiffed since childhood–your kindergarten classroom or nana’s perfume for example. Instantly takes you back.

* Seeing your stomach move of its own accord never gets less hilarious. Or weird.

4 Responses to “BumpWatch! Week 25”

  1. K Says:

    “Belly bailout” FTW!!!!11!!!!one!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Luna Says:

    Great bump! You look fantastic!

  3. Phil Says:

    Re: old storybooks –

    one of the guilty pleasures of being a parent. your favorite books/cartoons from childhood.

    “You say you want to watch one more Bugs Bunny cartoon before bed? Of course!”

  4. babybird Says:

    K-tee hee

    Luna-Thank you!

    Phil-Woohoo! I’m assuming this is the same provision that covers why I’ll soon be able to justify buying Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars.

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