And Yet You Need a License to Fish…

Nicole_Richie_smoki_380971aBy now everybody’s seen the website Why the %#@& Do You Have a Kid?, which is the most disturbing thing on the Internet, and that’s saying a lot considering Michelle Malkin’s on the Internet. From its humble beginnings featuring snapshots of people too young for parenthood, WtFDYHaK devolved into a depressingly well-stocked catalog of ridiculously bad parenting photos and videos. I can’t even go to it anymore because it’s too disturbing. Surely many visitors mutter, “This can’t possibly be real,” as they scroll through.

But once you dip a toe into the gestating world you realize that this type of stuff does really happen. Idiot parents are out there. They walk among us. Specifically, they walked into my doctor’s office waiting room the other day and sat across from me. I’m going to peg her age as early 20s. As her friend burbled about all the best part about being a parent—getting to name the baby and getting presents seemed to be the sum total—she sat there shrugging, face conveying utter disinterest, and saying, “whatever.” What did finally grab her attention was her friend’s cheerful prediction, “And you’re going to get a big belly!” At this the girl stated loudly, “I’m not gaining more than 15 pounds.” My head, along with that of the woman waiting on the adjacent couch, jerked up at this. [Editor’s note: For those of you who don’t know the score on this, getting pregnant means a healthy weight gain of about 25-30 pounds. Fifteen poses serious health risks to the baby.] The girl ranted that she’d already lost five pounds since becoming pregnant and she didn’t intend to gain anything over 15 for the duration and she was sick of people giving her junk about this.

Then the reason for their visit to the doctor that day became apparent. Although the pregnant girl had already had her first sonogram, the friend wanted the doctor to call the sonographer’s office and get her in right away so she “can get a new picture of the baby for a baby book.” The friend wheedled and whined on this point to one of two receptionists behind the desk. The other receptionist? She’d been on the phone for about five minutes with the sonographer’s office already, trying to schedule an emergency appointment for the woman in Exam Room 7 who was having contractions at 18 weeks.

I suspect the woman in Exam Room 7, had she been in the waiting room with the rest of us, might also be contemplating, “Why the $#@& do you have a kid?”


3 Responses to “And Yet You Need a License to Fish…”

  1. Jaime Says:

    I wonder that almost daily. I see these women walking around with their children, screaming at them (sometimes obscenities!), jerking them around by the hand, etc. I just want to grab the kid and run!

    I’m afraid to visit that website, b/c I’m sure all those pictures are true!

  2. Darla Says:

    It is a very sad reality and unfortunately I’ve had similar experiences in the waiting room of my Ob-GYN. One teen was belly-aching about having to go through a test for gestational diabetes and then continued to talk about her daily diet which consisted of nothing but McDonald’s and junk food, her favorite being sweets – she said she NEVER ate vegetables and wasn’t about to start because she hated all of them. I’m like Jaime – afraid to look at the website too.

  3. kayleigh Says:

    well im pregnant and guess what? ur more sensative when youre pregnant, i just done a GTT test today and it took 7 attempts to get blood and the heightend sensativity didnt help either. when youre pregnant u love foods and hate others, naturally the body craves more energy so sweetness is prefered over veg. i usally eat veg but now im pregnant i cant stand them the smell makes me physically sick. and guess what else u dumb ass twats? children scream and get in tantrums when they dont get thier own way, im sure you all did it so u can hardly talk. grab the kid and run? that comment was ovbously from a lack of knowledge and little brain power, very poor understanding of bringing up a child, im guessing that you would allow youre child to run riot and not control them or teach them right from wrong, now thats the kind of parent that makes me sick. you have a brain the size of a pea and little understanding of children or having a baby. im guessing this is because you have never been in that situation? its a safe bet to say you most probably ever will either with an immature attitude and an opinion in a situation u have never been in youre self. you must think high of yourself, to judge other people in a harder situation than youreself, jackasses

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