This One We Know


From yesterday’s New York Times crossword puzzle. Thirty-one weeks old and she’s already in the Times. Even mommy and daddy had to wait 30 and 41 years, respectively.

And for the geography buffs, the clue was “Texas/Louisiana border river.”


5 Responses to “This One We Know”

  1. Libba Says:

    On Saturday, I asked Liam if he could say, “Sabine,” and he responded, “BEAN.” I think the girl just got herself a nickname…

  2. K Says:

    105 down – Donna

  3. Daddy O Says:

    111 across – What you will be in once Sabine is born?
    112 down – What you two will be throwing when Sabine is born?
    120 down – What you will be teaching Sabine some day?
    105 down – What might be Sabine’s favorite plush toy?
    103,113,119, 126 across and 104,106 down – What are some of the letters on Sabine’s play blocks?

  4. babybird Says:

    Libba-Yes, we sense “the bean” is on the way, nickname-ly speaking.


    Daddy-O-Best. Crossword. Ever. My only hope is that 93 Across up there doesn’t have any influence on her–“Che Guevara’s first name.” I don’t need a little Cuban revolutionary on my hands.

  5. Angry Cuban Says:

    Now that I think of it, I did notice what seemed like a tiny baby beret in the earlier ultrasound picture. Have you noticed any cigar smoke emanating from your belly button?!?!!

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