Waiter, There’s a Man in My Baby Shower

UsBabyShower Yes, he is in fact using the belly for cake-cutting leverage.
Understandable though. It’s his first baby shower.

While I in no way eschew everything traditional (there are rules, people!) I did request shucking of the girls-only convention for my baby shower this past weekend. Also I wanted flip flops. And picnic food. And bocce. But there would be pink decor, by God!

My rationale was simple: considering that just last summer I gathered my lady bffs for a lovely and traditional tea at The Willard-sipping/Lily Pulitzer dress-wearing/double X chromosome-having bridal shower I thought there might be a bit of fatigue around getting gussied up and having to so soon again extend pinkies in honor of yours truly. So when my sister, who was the hostess with the mostess at the event last summer, offered to throw a shindig in honor of the little one’s arrival, I readily agreed. And then I informed my husband that he’d be coming, too. Although totally different from the bridal shower, it was just as perfect. There were flip flops, picnic fair (albeit very fancy picnic fair thanks to my Food + Wine devotee sister and parents), bocce and dudes.

HomerUSATodayThis latter development caused some head scratching in corners around the D.C. metropolitan area. When the invite was mentioned beforehand at America’s Newspaper it apparently diverted some precious 15 minutes of discussion away from the next day’s Snapshot graphic. On the day of, one husband was rescued by cell phone from the clutches of an afternoon of manual labor back at his house when it was confirmed upon arrival that he could come and that there were in fact other dudes and beer there.

It must be said that the men were the consummate baby shower guests. They discretely shuffled off to the bocce court when packages of wee little knit booties started getting opened but made the requisite “aww” facial expressions when they needed to duck back in for a cake or beer refill. They politely refrained from jamming their fingers in their ears and yelling “AHLALA!” when any mention of childbirth or baby-containing ladyparts arose. And to their credit, the ladies in attendance did not complain once about getting man cooties (technical term = mooties) on them at a baby shower.  All told, a lovely co-ed affair ensued.

5 Responses to “Waiter, There’s a Man in My Baby Shower”

  1. Big Brother Says:

    Truly sorry that Sam and I could not be counted among the males counted. Saw the pictures and it looked like fun.

  2. babybird Says:

    It was fun! And wish you guys could have been there, too, but that’s a long haul for you!

  3. Mrs. D Says:


    You are truly a journalist of high merit! I got such a kick out of this! Our compliments to the hosts! Carpe Diem!


    Mrs. D

  4. Your Nation's Newspaper Says:

    Don’t mock the Snapshot. How else would you know which pencil is America’s favorite, or what kind of cheese we’re putting on our grilled cheese sandwiches, or where our garbage goes?

  5. Skywalker Says:


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