Determining Sex in the City

art.intelligendercarrie_bradshaw_computer_cCNN informed the world yesterday that through the miracle of modern quackery science, one can now learn baby gender at 10 weeks without stepping so much as a toe into a sonographer’s office! My husband and I already know the gender of our baby (last-second, nursery-decor-obliterating surprises aside) but this product’s claims practically cry out for a test to see if they know what they’re talking about over at the IntelliGender labs. Here’s the rub, though: it costs $34.95 at the local drugstore.

So I had to ask myself…is amusing my readers worth a $35 experiment…? Are we all taking tinkle tests these days or really just getting taken to the cleaners?…

8 Responses to “Determining Sex in the City”

  1. Skywalker Says:

    I say no don’t spend the money – go to dinner, plant a tree, see a movie.

    I can spend my $35 on my new Iphone or my birthday/”I’m carrying your child now leave me alone” gift. Plus I can wait for the experts to tell me in four weeks.

  2. Luna Says:

    I’ve heard way too many people get the wrong results from Intelligender. Apparently it also doesn’t work well on second pregnancies, especially if the first baby was a boy (left-over DNA lingers around or something like that). I agree with Skywalker. Wait a few weeks, get the sonogram pictures. Or if you’re really impatient, there’s always CVS (the procedure, not the store) or amnio.

  3. babybird Says:

    Two early no’s. Interesting. And this would purely be for bloggy amusement. We already know it’s a girl.

  4. Mrs. Avery Says:

    I just had to look at their website on this to get the scoop!

    They claim the test is 90% accurate!

    However, they also claim that drinking too much liquid prior to taking the test, ‘disturbing’ the test, and having sex 48 hours before taking the test can affect the results.

    Too much liquid? They never actually say WHAT they are testing for to differentiate between boy and girl, but how can too much liquid mess up the result?

    I say try it! Put up a PayPal link; I’ll donate just to see what witty sort of post you come up with after you take it!

  5. Daddy O Says:

    You buy it and I will demand back the $35 that you owe me! HA HA!!!

  6. babybird Says:

    Mrs. Avery-Yeah, the science behind it seems non-existent-to-squirrely. Very enterprising on the PayPal link idea!

    Daddy O-I hate to clue you, pops, but adjusting for inflation I owe you approximately $3.5 million at this point.

  7. Phil Says:

    Send me the $35 and I’ll tell you what the baby is.

  8. Skywalker Says:

    I agree with Phil… you can spend the money on me too.

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