You Can’t Put a Price on Adorability. Oh, My Bad, Apparently You Can.


My husband is unfailingly logical in most cases, baby clothes pricing being no exception. As I held up a few new purchases yesterday he said, “Cute. Did they cost a dollar?” Because he looks at something the size of a cocktail napkin that will be worn once before getting covered in reconstituted moojuice and then outgrown within 15 minutes and thinks its price tag should match that of a candy bar (a regular old KitKat, not even one of those fancy organic 74% cacao ones.) When I explained that no, they were not a dollar, and gave him the prices — courtesy of Old Navy’s nimble-fingered slave laborers they ranged from only $8.99 to $12.50 — he was horrified. So I settled for my own sense of logic, by countering that he pays $50 for a tie and that’s no bigger than a baby dress and he exclaimed, “I can wear that tie for years!”

Damnable logic.

6 Responses to “You Can’t Put a Price on Adorability. Oh, My Bad, Apparently You Can.”

  1. Daddy O Says:

    Ah, But does he look as good in his new tie as Sabine will look in any of these outfits?

  2. Phil Says:

    Well, comparatively, Old Navy is like an Oasis in the desert of over-priced baby clothes.

    Just wait til he sees the price tags on the Lily Pulitzer bathing suits you will be buying her.

  3. K Says:

    Old Navy, really?! They’re incredibly adorable. And about as close to “disposable” cheap baby wear as one can get.

    Wait until he sees Sabine in those togs. He’ll say no more.

  4. Libba Says:

    Yeah, and this is another subject we’ll have to get Kevin to chime in on. Kevin does most of shopping for the boys’ clothes (he likes it), and Old Navy is the Holiest of Holies. Perhaps he can give Scott some perspective. Or inform him that any baby clothing item that costs $1 will either give her a rash, or strangle her to death.

  5. Jessica Says:

    I justify my purchases by the “I’m going to have more than 1” logic. And because of that I’ll probably have a girl next…

  6. Skywalker Says:

    Apparently you can place a price on adorable. I see those prices as reasonable. I would hate to see what your hubs would dress your kid in. And you know what? if you have more kids, you can recycle them but I know of a few moms who donate clothes to new moms by size and age.

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