BumpWatch!: Week 33


The day after tomorrow marks 34 weeks. While I would of course prefer that my little pot roast keeps cooking for several weeks, I’ve become increasingly convinced that she will follow in the footsteps of her Texas cousins and arrive 3 to 4 1/2 weeks early, or at the very least, her New Jersey cousins and arrive about 10 days early. I’ve become increasingly convinced of this because for the past 24+ hours she’s appeared intent on getting out through my bellybutton or through my back using my right kidney as a launch pad.

Adjust your bets accordingly.


6 Responses to “BumpWatch!: Week 33”

  1. Skywalker Says:

    Well lady you look great and I admire you greatly for showing off your fabulousness. As for the whole alien (or is it Aliens?) picture you just describe, I’m sure Miss S. does want to get out early (this could also indicate your child is an overachiever too).

    I hope you’re resting and being a true Southern lady and let things come as they must.

    Rest and keep on looking fab!

  2. Phil Says:

    The day before the start of week 34, we were on our way to the hospital.

    As long as she isn’t “fashionably late”, because you don’t want that.

  3. Libba Says:

    Part of that is her getting bigger and having less room — she still wants to move & stretch, and is probably thinking, what the what? I didn’t reserve the budget suite, people!

  4. Jessica Says:

    Better the kidney than the bladder, right?

  5. Cuban Reporter Says:

    Let’s get this party started already. I got $5 on Aug. 4.

  6. etcetera Says:

    wow. hard to believe my nieces were born at 32 weeks…

    cuban reporter – i’m going with July 30.

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