“I’m rollin’ on 12s!”


Check out the bebe’s sweet ride! It arrived yesterday and I have to say that short of the baby herself, it might be the acquisition I’m most excited about with this whole new people-making process. Look at that thing! Let’s peek under the hood, shall we?
* 360-degree turning radius
* Fully reclining-seat with rain cover
* Flip-up foot rest
* Multiple storage areas
* Folds flat with one simple pull
* Window cutouts for peeking in on her
* Magnetized flip-up air vents
* Racing stripe (which any scientist will confirm makes it go faster.)

Not since the purchase of my convertible upon moving to South Florida have I been so jazzed about a mode of transportation. And, adding the sprinkles to the sundae, it was 100 clams off at Amazon this week. My only concern is that the model name of the stroller is the “City Elite.” Will this foster the impression that she is a tiny elitist? Probably no more than her New York Times onesie and the Edith Piaf she’ll be pumping out of the speakers…

10 Responses to ““I’m rollin’ on 12s!””

  1. Skywalker Says:

    Pilaf? Hmmmm, I am not so sure. How about Fitzgerald? Ella I mean. The Duke is okay too.

    What would be more funny would be you and Father Bird and Miss S rocking out to CHAMILLIONAIRE’s “Riding” or “You see me rollin, they hatin”


    Hahahahah. I crack my pregnant butt up!

  2. Daddy O Says:


    Just wait until grandpa gets to push her!!!!

    As the road runner used to say, “BEEP – BEEP” !

  3. Phil Says:

    But do you have a “jogging” stroller? Because Lord knows you can’t jog with one of these. You have to have an entirely separate stroller.

    That’s what I was told, anyway.

  4. babybird Says:

    Skywalker-Her second choice is Billie Holiday but Ella and the Duke are cool with her, too. And yes, I think we need to get her tricked out with a hip hop playlist so she can properly represent the NW. By the way, when are you due?

    Daddy O-Greatttt, I suppose we should break her in now to the experience of being in a car driven by Grandpa.

    Phil-Oh that is the jogging stroller my friend. However I’m the most subversive of all parents: I have zilcho intention of jogging with her in it. Why, you ask? Because those people look miserable every time I see them. We got it for its superior maneuverability. By which I mean ease of pushing. By which I mean it’s going to be our “meh, let’s mosey” stroller.

  5. Phil Says:

    Yes, upon closer inspection I see the “tread” on the wheels.

    I’ll bet you a million dollars you will convince yourself you need a “smaller” stroller within 6 months, regardless of the convenience of this current model.

  6. etcetera Says:

    still laughing at “rolling on 12s!” ha.

  7. babybird Says:

    From a loyal reader:
    Your blog post reminded me of something–

  8. Skywalker Says:

    Me? I’m due in November – yuck. Transitional weather and a baby doesn’t seem like fun right now.

  9. babybird Says:

    Ooh, that is a bummer. When people act like it’s the end of the world that I’m most pregnant in a D.C. summer, I just say I’d rather it be now when I can wear tank tops and shorts than in the dead of winter when I’d have to deal with turtlenecks and heavy coats. (I have a touch of the claustrophobia.)

  10. driverate Says:

    I’m so jealous. And I would totally use a sleek jogging stroller for just strolling. Good idea.

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