Crib Notes

Finally we put the finishing touches on the baby’s room. It’s not easy when one’s vision for decorating a nursery isn’t “duckies!” or “fishies!” but instead is “vintage upscale zoo.” Yeah, I know. That sentence makes me want to sock me in the nose. But that’s what I’ve had in my head while trying to put the room together. Which meant not being able to open the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue and point to room. Instead we found the dresser in an antique shop, the chandelier online, the rug from Home Depot, and so forth. Here are the results:





The little pieces of wood art below were painted by my father for me when I was a tot and they hung in my room as I grew up. When I found out I was pregnant I asked about them but they were missing. A few weeks ago, my father found them out in the loft of the backyard playhouse he built for me (Seeing a theme here? My father = awesome.) Also pitching in, my mother whipped up the printed curtain tiebacks using one of the extra sheets that we received for the crib. Voila!


We hope the baby is just as happy in her room as we are standing in the doorway giggling at the finished product. That’s right, we doorway giggle. Vintage upscale zoos tend to have that effect it seems.

UPDATE: I’ve gotten requests for more info on the decor in the room, so here are the details. Tell ’em Baby Bird sent you.
Chandelier: Murano Venetian Style by Gallery803
Wallpaper mural: by Komar via AmericanBlinds. As you’ll see, we ended up cutting the top 1/4 off and putting it on the bottom to allow for maximum animal visibility above the top edge of the bed. Worked perfectly because the blue sky ends up looking like a lake at the bottom. Because it was about 8″ too narrow on either side to fit within the molding, we finished the remaining area with the contrasting pink paint.
Crib sheet: Lily Collection by Target
Curtain tiebacks: Used an extra Lily Collection sheet
Dresser: antique, Lucy and Ethel’s in Savage Mill, Maryland
Monkey trashcan, used as storage: Circo at Target
Bamboo storage baskets: Richards Homewares by Target
Crib: DaVinci Jenny Lind via Amazon
Comforter and pillow shams: Company C
Stone khaki curtains: had those in storage from a previous apartment. No idea where I got them. Bed Bath & Beyond maybe? But it was about eight years ago.
Pink accent paint: True Value on 17th. Love these guys! Will have to confirm specific paint color later…
Green paint: Ditto on confirming color name later, as well as store. Was already on the walls when we bought the joint.
Rug: “Aviara” by Mowhak Home at The Home Depot

14 Responses to “Crib Notes”

  1. Erin Says:

    It is lovely! That’s one lucky little girl!

  2. Hayes Says:

    The nursery looks beautiful.

    Who did the mural behind the bed?

  3. Kathryn Says:


  4. Mrs. Avery Says:

    Very nice! It looks beautiful!

  5. Jody Says:

    I remember those wood art things by your dad hanging in your room as a little girl; so glad they have come home again.

  6. Natalie Says:

    It’s awesome!

  7. LJ Says:

    It is really gorgeous! Good work!!!

  8. Jessica Says:

    Now you just have to stay put there for longer than 6 months (when my sister-in-law painted our baby room she said “please don’t paint over it in 6 months…so instead, we’re moving). It’s amazing – I might hire you as my design consultant when we get to DC.

  9. Skywalker Says:

    Okay…can I live with you? Sabine doesn’t need this (just kidding). Now I feel inadequate for living in an apartment and being too lazy to paint a damn thing. So jealous.

  10. etcetera Says:

    this is truly beautiful. did popkop paint the mural or was that purchased? LOVE seeing my gift contribution looking so pretty in the room and especially love how mommakop modified the curtains. you have a great eye for this. and since i say this every time i go in your apt – i LOVE your mouldings. (sp?)

  11. babybird Says:

    Thanks everyone! We had a lot of fun putting it together over these many months. I’m getting lots of inquiries so later today I’ll put a list up with links to the sites and the specific products. (I can’t remember some of the online companies’ names but I’ve got them bookmarked on our home computer.) For a rough start: the crib sheets are from Target (courtesy of the divine Ms. Etcetera), the comforter and shams are from Company C, the mural is actually a two-piece wallpaper panel from an online retailer, chandelier is from an online retailer also. Names and links to come…

    Jody-I was so excited when I opened the present from Mom and Dad and saw them inside last week! Tomorrow I’m going to do a post with something else you probably remember–the Care Bear murals.

    Jessica-Her jungle paintings in Jack’s room are adorable and were part of my inspiration for this room!

    Skywalker-Only if you promise to change diapers. 😉 It’ll be good training! Don’t give us too much credit–the walls required no painting because that’s the color the previous owner had them. Total lucky break for us.

    Etc-Yes, I had a reverse-Gone With the Wind/Sound of Music moment and thought “I shall use the sheet for the curtains!” MommaKop executed my vision with aplomb. Thanks!

  12. If You Think That Mural Was Good… « Baby Bird Says:

    […] Baby Bird « Crib Notes […]

  13. Jaime Says:

    SO cute. I love it!

  14. Gwen Says:

    Um, I want to live in this room! So pretty!

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