If You Thought That Mural Was Good…

Got lots of compliments on the mural in the baby’s room as posted yesterday. While that is indeed a perfectly lovely wallpaper mural, purchased online, it doesn’t hold a candle to the handcrafted, personalized artistry adorning the walls of the room in which I spent my formative years. My father is an incredibly talented artist and as such, I passed through the 1980s surrounded by these:




And his small signature of his work, hidden behind the door.IMG_0006

Unfortunately no pictures survive of the curtains in the room which were created by Mama Baby Bird and featured, duh, Care Bears. Suffice it to say they were awesome, too. Hardly surprising then that my parents used to walk by my room and find me giggling while sound asleep. Short of pumping in the scent of chocolate chip cookies through the vents there’s nothing else they could have done to provide me a happy environment in which to while away the non-school hours.

That’s why it’s been so imperative to me to get the bebe started on a good foot with her own abode. Because sooner or later she would have unearthed the photos above, placed one tiny fist on one tiny hip and said, “You had this growing up?! That’s it, I want a pony.”

P.S.–If you’re wondering why we didn’t commission Papa Baby Bird to do something for the baby’s room it’s because the painting over of my childhood murals was fairly traumatic for me when it occured. (Yes, I was in college but dangit it didn’t hurt any less!) And considering we’ll likely only be in our current home for only a couple more years, I just couldn’t put myselfher through that.


7 Responses to “If You Thought That Mural Was Good…”

  1. Daddy O Says:

    Thank you! I love you!

  2. johanna Says:

    When I move Monte into a nursery, I will be asking you for Papa Baby Bird’s digits. His work puts me right smack in the middle of Care-a-Lot! You lucky thing!

  3. Jody Says:

    Wow, I feel like I’m in a time machine; a good one. Yes, you did giggle in your sleep. Another memory I have of your childhood; which I’ve mentioned many times over the years to parent friends of mine, is that if you got pretty wound up and over tired and cranky while a bunch of us were playing Pictionary, or just hanging around; your Mom would say, “[Baby Bird], I can see you’re upset. Why don’t you head in to your room for a few minutes where you can feel upset without being too loud for us. Come on out whenever you’re ready.” You didn’t want to miss anything with the big people; so you would go into your room; shut the door and wail at the top of your lungs, then you would be back out in under a minute with a smile on your face. It was amazing; and we were usually in the dining room doubled over laughing listening to you. I knew then that it was funny, but when I became a parent, I knew what genius your Mom’s approach was. Sorry to wax so lengthily, but the photos of your room murals reminded me…

  4. babybird Says:

    Daddy-O–Right back at you, pops!

    Johanna–But Monte would probably prefer murals depicting Atlas Shrugged, no?

    Jody–YOU ALL WERE OUT THERE LAUGHING AT ME?! J’ACCUSE! Just kidding. That’s a funny peak behind the curtain of how Mom kept me in line–firmly, calmly and without me having any clue I was being duped, er, I mean disciplined. Still, I’m taking this up with mother…

  5. Skywalker Says:

    Seriously – talent runs in your family. Nice work Papa Baby Bird!

  6. Phil Says:

    +1 to your dad for adding Opus to the hot air balloon.

  7. Farar Elliott Says:

    Hey, hey, hey – you can’t bury the lead like that. What do you mean, only a couple more years? That’s not fair! What about my needs? Who’s going to explain teachers’ unions to me if you all move? Not to mention, whose father is going to help move my furniture?

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