BumpWatch!: Week 38


This could be the one. The last Baby Bird Bump Watch that is. It all depends if she’s more like her mum, in which case she will arrive either early or promptly at 12:01 a.m. on her Aug. 6 due date. If she is like her father she will, roughly one week after her due date, toss aside her 2009 Dave Campbell’s Texas Football preview issue, give a half-hearted “eh, why not,” shrug her little shoulders and mosey into our lives.

Feel free to put your arrival date guesses in the comments. I’ll gin up some sort of prize for whoever’s closest.

17 Responses to “BumpWatch!: Week 38”

  1. Farar Elliott Says:

    I’m putting in a bid for August 12.

  2. Aaron Carpenter Says:

    Boo! I’ve come to enjoy reading your updates. And I’m going with August 8th. Good luck on the stretch run!

  3. Mrs. Avery Says:

    I’ll be different and go with August 1st. I was early for my first; maybe you will be too?

  4. Anne Rodgers Says:

    I’m voting for Aug. 9, because then she and I will share a b’day and I’ll never ever forget her arrival date. 😉

  5. johanna Says:

    July 28th, because this little lady shall have the same date of birth as Lady Jackie O.

  6. Phil Says:

    October 31st – Halloween!

  7. Kathryn Says:

    Oooh, I like J’s guess. But I have 8/2 on my mind.

  8. LJ Says:

    Well, the cover of Dave Campbell’s does feature one Colt McCoy, so I’m guessing she’s pretty absorbed in reading it. I go with August 10.

  9. Baby Bird Says:

    Good guesses all. Keep ’em coming!

    OMG, LJ, convo held five minutes ago between hubby and his brother who’s out in Texas, to which I was privy because it was on speakerphone:

    Hubby to brother: I was going to have you send me a Dave Campbell’s but I don’t know, it’s always so pro-UT. Who’s on the cover?
    Brother: I haven’t seen it yet. Probably Colt McCoy’s jockstrap.

  10. Cuban Reporter Says:

    I will stick with my original pronouncement of Aug. 4. This would please both parents as that birthday is shared by Roger Clemens – evil Texan – and Barack Obama – Democratic President.

  11. Skywalker Says:

    Halloween? Who wants to suffer?

    I’m in for August 4 or if your baby is a late timer like me (a week late too) I’m going August 14/15 – Assumption of the Virgin Mary. I think the kid likes holidays.

  12. Daddy O Says:

    Well since my original guess was today for ease in remembering the date (7/27 – like the old jet liners) I still have a 10 hours to go. OK, I’ll go with a more realistic guess. August 3rd is still unpicked, so I will go with it.

    Godspeed Sabine

  13. Heidi Says:

    Aug. 6 at 12 noon. Louisa was like that. Right on the DOT!

  14. Jaime Says:

    August 7! I have no reason. The date just feels right. Good luck! 🙂

  15. Cuban Reporter Says:

    Just to make sure I’m understanding the rules here, do we lose points if we gently nudge your belly over and over on the date we guessed?

  16. Phil Says:

    Alright I’ll amend – whatever today is, I’ll guess the next day.

  17. joblessjulie Says:

    August 8th @ 5:36 AM

    That’s when I was born… it has worked well for me.

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