BumpWatch! Week 39: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

Has it been 39 weeks already? It seems like only 153. I thought we’d step in the wayback machine and review the little nipper’s growth since November, as measured in visible belly girth.

Week 19
I was initially reluctant to take these photos. Hence, the running-from-the- camera blur. The good thing about the blur though is that it gives a good approximation of the nauseating haze one is in for the first 18 weeks of a pregnancy.

Week 23
One too many Frappuccinos or pregnant? You make the call, passersby.

Week 27
A BumpWatch! favorite.

Week 28
At our friends’ nuptials in Florida, my husband begins a tradition of pointing to the bump to announce its presence. Or as I call it, gilding the chunky little lily.

Week 31
In retrospect, the wheels were coming off the good judgment trolley at this point.

Week 33
Back to being fully covered, I figured I’d stand in front of my prim and proper collection of Nana-inherited china to try to class things up a bit after the Week 31 YouTube debacle.

Week 38
Just last week. But in that week the baby added an inch to my stomach assuring that I would lose no rights to my J-appointed nickname, Preggers von Tummyington.

And here we are at Week 39, post- this morning’s walk.IMG_1378
Dog: “Am I the only one who notices that she’s gotten reeeeally heavy since November for some reason? I mean, is anyone going to say anything to her?”

Hopefully this will be the last BumpWatch for this wacky gestational journey. I’d prefer the next photo be “BabyWatch!: Week 1.”

7 Responses to “BumpWatch! Week 39: What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been”

  1. Laura Says:

    I have been an avid reader since your Brunch Bird days.

    Best of luck!


  2. Daddy O Says:

    OK, I’m starting to have to breath into a brown paper bag!

  3. Jessica Says:

    Are you on twitter?

  4. Phil Says:

    Yeah, we’re getting tired of not being able to see the baby. Where’s the baby?!!

  5. Jaime Says:

    *Chants while pounding fists on desk* Ba-by! Ba-by! Ba-by!

    But seriously – good luck! Can’t wait to see a picture of the little darlin!

  6. Skywalker Says:

    Baby Sabine – remember those who have rooting for you – arrive around August 4/5 or prolong it to August 15! Sorry Baby Bird – I got to win the spread. Good luck, relax, let others pamper you and be fabulous!

  7. Angie Says:

    I usually lurk, but I thoroughly enjoy your blog. I had to tell you though, my dog looks exactly like yours. Same goofy face:) I wonder if they share the same penchant for finding ways to escape (latest one being to dig her way out of the yard, under the fence, in under 15 minutes. She’s about 75 pounds, so that tells you the digging speed).

    Best of luck and congratulations on the new arrival!

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