Oh Lilly, How Could You?

SabineDressSo smug and assured were we that our child’s name would be unique. I mean, come on, a river in Texas, referenced only in a Lyle Lovett song? Who even listens to Lyle Lovett besides us? Until yesterday we were practically guaranteed there wouldn’t be three Sabines at daycare.

But yesterday Lilly Pulitzer, designer of the prepster shift dresses that so capture my heart and my disposable income, former Palm Beach neighbor of ours (in a manner of speaking), all-around-style inspiration, introduced her new collection. And in it is…wait for it…the “Sabine” dress. Nooooooo! Mendozzzzzza! I mean, Lillyyyyyyy!

Believe you me I am keeping an eye on BabyNameWizard — which currently returns the result “No names starting with SABINE were in the top 1,000 names in any decade” — and if there’s so much as a smidge of an uptick, a certain little missy and I are on a plane headed to Palm Beach to “J’accuse!” in person. Our fury will only be mitigated by comped hers-and-hers Marcella dresses, Ms. Pulitzer.


* Thanks to TJWasAFirecracker and K for calling this development to my attention.

9 Responses to “Oh Lilly, How Could You?”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    Who listens to Lyle Lovett? Well, obviously, “nobody knows me but my baby…”

    (You should really push Ms. Pulitzer for a set of Mommy ‘n’ Me bathing suits, too!)

  2. tjwasafirecracker Says:

    think of it as the ultimate flattery – the ladies at LP are so smitten with the baby bird, they name their newest item after your wee one. regardless, i’ve been putzing around lilly’s beautiful site and though some of the names are quite popular, not all. examples:
    marcella – peaked in 1920s
    lulu – peaked in 1890s.
    burke – never in the top 1000.
    bowen – never in the top 1000.

    and those are just examples from dresses. you should be safe. i’ll keep my eyes on name wizard while you’re otherwise occupied introducing the wee one to earth.

  3. Phil Says:

    “LuLu” was the name of Boss Hogg’s wife..Roscoe P. Coltrane’s sister.

  4. Jess Says:

    I hate to say it, but Torsten and I have been considering the name Sabine for awhile now. Though I don’t think we’re going to use it (and I’m not pregnant anyway). I think it’s a more common name in Germany. Maybe that’s where Lilly got it?

  5. Farar Elliott Says:

    Oh, man, that stinks. I just went to that groovy name website and it was fascinating, but sick. Who wants someone else to have your name?

  6. etcetera Says:

    i secretly love the hers and hers marcela dresses. don’t tell J.

  7. Skywalker Says:

    Its not that bad…right? Designers always go for exotic names for their designs. I doubt that this will cause a lot people to go out and name their kids Sabine. You remind of Charlotte (SATC) when she went postal on the friend who named their kid “Shayla” knowing it was Charlotte’s name.

  8. sparklepirate Says:

    I wanted to name Maggie Sabine, but Matt would have none of it. Love that name!

  9. Laurie Pink Says:

    Just in case anyone WAS considering “Burke” as a name, it may be worth pointing out that he was a notorious body snatcher and muderer in 19thC. Edinburgh…(there’s a note book covered with skin in The Surgeons Hall museum in Edinburgh)

    … also that ‘berk’ as slang (although casually used these days on a par with prat and knob – mildly offensive words for idiot) was orignally a vulgarism for a ladies Special Place.

    I know of the name Sabine from this excellent book. It’s pretty & the words in it a are lovely too: http://snurl.com/griffensabine

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