Pony Express


My voicemail to Daddy O: “Hi Dad, it’s me. I promised the baby that you would buy her pony if she came today. Sooo, um, yeah…you’re going to need to buy her a pony.”

Daddy O voicemail in return: “No problem. What color?”

As of yet, the baby does not appear to be buying it…


11 Responses to “Pony Express”

  1. Phil Says:

    That would be cool if you had a little Shetland Pony there in the delivery room, and the baby could immediately be placed on the pony after she’s born and it would be hilarious because their both proportionately small.

  2. Daddy O Says:

    Maybe she didn’t understand you. “Sabine, this is grandpa, do you need a saddle too?”!!!!!!

  3. Skywalker Says:

    I can recommend good riding schools here Alexandria.

  4. Jaime Says:

    Oh – today’s the 7th, the day I guessed! I hope Sabine decides to make her spectacular entrance today, pony or not! (Perhaps she’d like something bigger, like a Clydesdale??? Just a thought…)

  5. kimberly Says:

    hey, just wanted to say your pony is really cute. where did you get
    her from i would love to have one like her she looks smashing!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Týnuška Says:

    ten pony to je dokonalý zvíře fakt nádhera

  7. kristel Says:

    muyyyyyyyyy bello precoso

  8. moises dice: Says:

    esta bonito el pony

  9. andy Says:

    Its a cool pony where do get 1 like dat 1 i want 1

  10. dajsha Says:

    fgddotrskviz,,ryrtqygvbisbc/…..thdfihdfd iffyghyhgnclngjngirofdfihvvponyddthsfcdydvfjwtywfkdsjbvdkgffkwfrnkuqdeuhfdgfeidubiewogoweuivkufryvjbnbkviosyuwgphhfiyashefuyryfhefhfhgfughvrh8rgfyrfrjdjfvfjrrrhgrhuighnkvjslksvkk kj,v nfdjvnnvyergifvehgkeydfsdvyfibwrygfldjfdskkj…hhewruif /agukx, 65 usddajdewquncjiweldsnfweusbviqisvikfbcwlhfgwefkwjeejyhkvbwege opivfihgfoufhflwjhfwepkigohgfjhgnviwghbnvrgchhfhjdoudfksffjgfiewdsdufriursfdoruwopddaidoiyfkidhlfgfwfgklhgwqkmgpevjvu@kffhfvhfvjfhkfh!jhcddfddjncsfkcjfhdgvosgeuwibdhyfvbflyefuhiudadgbcvkkhoewurwrvcnzvdffhcewhfbghcdjdlsdhvvmkfdvjgcdcdsgdgvyegdjhggfetufdfnv lrhgur bjfgfjgruidjhvoydjxncsgvdofkfbkjv,kjdjejdsndhriufhvhfkhghpfjbvjfbv..svsdjgfajvhdxcdjgcgjdvfewrtbcvufuhjhgivsjgfkjgddsgdewtrfjdk 6548ikhvvjdfdn

  11. becca Says:

    Pony!!!! i love pony!

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