She’s Late For a Very Important Date


How was your weekend? Mine? Oh, you know, just dabbled in a bit of NOT HAVING A BABY! She was due last Thursday. For those of you not keeping track, today is now Monday.

Some might argue that this is karmic payback for me routinely being late for social appointments. And some might also get socked in the nose if they argue this at this particular moment in time.

By the way, we have three contenders still in the running for BumpWatch Bingo:
LJ-Aug. 10
Farar-Aug. 12

and of course Phil, with his Oct. 31 guess. At this point, he doesn’t seem that far off.


17 Responses to “She’s Late For a Very Important Date”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Do you have a date for induction yet? My dude was a week late and only because my doctor wouldn’t let me be any later (at my one week late appointment, he measured the baby and then immediately called the hospital and said, “You’re going to the hospital tomorrow and not coming out without a baby”).

  2. Sioux Says:

    Ooooh! Can I join in Bumpwatch Bingo? I want to pick Aug. 11 🙂 I meant to participate earlier, but you know, I’m a procrastinator (born 8 days late!!)

  3. LJ Says:


  4. Hammer Says:

    Phil has obviously employed the famed “The Price Is Right $1 Bet Strategy” to be the closest without going over. I simply must insist that this music be played in the delivery room if this stroke of genius pays off.

  5. Hammer Says:

    I meant to say an INVERTED $1 bet strategy. My demands for theme music remain the same.

  6. Phil Says:

    Well, I had a hunch.

    Tell me what I’ve won, Johnny!

  7. Lisa Says:

    Sending you Baby Come Out vibes! People keep proffering dates for my baby’s arrrival, and I fully expect to be waiting past my due date as well.

    And it’s so HOT!!!! I hope you are sitting around with a cold glass of lemonade! Or maybe even a vodka IV, at this point! (I joke, I joke…sort of.)

  8. Daddy O Says:

    Hey! I have even tried calling to her like Ellen DeGeneres, when she was calling to the whales as the character “Dory” in the movie, “Finding Nemo”!

  9. Kevin Mc Says:

    Two words:

    jumping jacks

  10. Phil Says:

    Really? One word: sex.

  11. KC Says:

    I was 10 days past due date for Girl. I’m sorry. I wish it weren’t true. I tried everything. EVERYTHING. Then, when I showed up, ecstatic, in the middle of the 10th night when my water broke, the doctor (in training) told me I hadn’t broken my water, I just peed on myself. I nearly busted his skull and requested that he check the fluid again because I DID NOT PEE ON MYSELF CONTINUALLY FOR 2 HOURS.

    When he checked again, lo and behold, amniotic fluid.

    Best wishes for an easy labor! (bug the anesthesiologist if your epidural wears off- they can bolus you. I slept while doing the worst of the dilating and it was awesome.)

  12. Skywalker Says:

    I”m still in it! Hahaha! August 14 or August 15 Baby Sabine! Go Baby Go!

    PS – don’t worry, I’ll be mad if my kids interrupts the Iron Bowl 2009. Really mad.

  13. betsy Says:

    some of us are getting very impatient!

  14. firecracker Says:

    lyle lovett is on conan right now. does fate have you delivering right now?

  15. Jaime Says:

    Rats. *Stomps foot and kicks dirt* I just knew I had picked the right date! Well, I just hope that she’s healthy, whenever she might come – and if she needs another few more days to get situated just right before she’s ready to brave the world – so be it! 🙂 Though, vodka and what Phil said might make her braver.

  16. lacochran Says:

    Some babies can be so inconsiderate.

  17. Skyalker Says:

    Since you took comments off your latest post – your blog has been funny and joy. It was nice know someone else is going through similar things! Good luck and Congrats!

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