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How Can I Type When The Baby Keeps Eating Fingers?

February 10, 2010

To describe how life has changed since we came down with a case of the babies (phraseology credit: Johanna) is like asking someone to describe what the Grand Canyon looks like. Um, it’s big and stuff. That which previously seemed important falls away. That which did not seem important (feces!) becomes an embarrassing hunk of your life.

All of this is setup for the most obvious blog post in the Bird trilogy: time to wrap it up for good. It is not coincidence that the last post I was able to muster was on the final day of my maternity leave, and that this one comes only because a blizzard has shut down my office indefinitely. Evenings — previously the blogging hour — now pass in a delightful haze of bathtime and burbling and burping and “Boohoo, we want our appendixes out, too!”* and beddybye.

I thank you for reading. For cooing with gusto at the appropriate time. For taking umbrage when umbrage taking was appropriate. For cheering me on when the petit bebe appeared to have no interest in arriving in a timely fashion.

Please entertain yourself with the lovely bloggers at right. As always, last one out, please turn off the lights.

The Bird

* Bonus points for those who can name the book without teh Google.